Quality is driven throughout Chalmers & Co

We aim to deliver projects with:

At Chalmers & Co, we aim to deliver great projects that stand the test of time. Here's what that means:

• No Mistakes: We want to get things right the first time, so there are no issues later.
• On Time, On Budget: We stick to schedules and costs to keep things smooth.
• Innovation: We look for smart solutions that help you.
• We're Here for You: Our service doesn't stop when the project does. We're proactive about fixing any problems that come up.

Quality control is in the hands of our experienced site managers. We monitor our performance throughout the project lifetime with regular quality audits by our contracts manager to ensure that works are carried out in accordance with the specification and standards agreed.


Chalmers & Co aims to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees and all those affected by our activities by providing and promoting a safe and healthy working environment. We provide the relevant training with the company to ensure that our site are managed according to current legislation.


We firmly acknowledge that every individual can contribute to our society and has the right to equal opportunity. Providing equal opportunities in the workplace is a fundamental aspect of effective management. At Chalmers & Co, we are dedicated to promoting equal opportunities, eliminating discrimination, and eradicating harassment.

We pledge not to discriminate against job applicants, employees, or organisations/individuals we work with, based on factors such as:

• Gender (including sex, marriage, gender reassignment)
• Race (including ethnic origin, colour, nationality and national origin)
• Disability
• Sexual orientation
• Religion or belief
• Age

Chalmers & Co acknowledge that our operations have an impact on the environment. Through the adoption of a reasonable and proactive attitude to environmental issues, we are committed to minimising potentially harmful effects on the environment and to contributing to sustainable development through balancing our business aims with environmental considerations.


At Chalmers & Co we have a rigorous approach and methodology toward the environmentally efficient and safe disposal of waste materials related to both our on-site construction and office administration activities. Our Waste Management Policy has been adopted to align with current and proposed European, National and Regional Policy.


Chalmers & Co are dedicated to improving our practices to combat slavery and human trafficking. We conduct our business ethically and with integrity, implementing effective systems and controls to prevent any instances of slavery and human trafficking within our supply chain.


Aware of our potential impact on the environment, Chalmers & Co continually seek ways to reduce this impact as part of our Environmental Policy. Our commitment to sustainability is an integral part of our mission, reflecting our dedication to a greener future.