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Our Traditional Procurement method is the industry standard. We collaborate closely with architects and surveyors during the tender stage to provide invaluable buildability advice.

By working hand in hand with the design team and clients, we offer insights on various aspects, including construction methods, construction details, buildability, project scheduling, and procurement. Aided by our strong relationships with subcontractors, who actively contribute their ideas and solutions as part of the construction team. This collaborative approach results in:


– Identifying and addressing potential issues before they reach the construction site.

– Crafting economical and practical design solutions that are endorsed by the building user.

– Minimising modifications during construction.

– Incorporating the latest construction technology and materials.

– Ultimately reducing the construction period and cutting construction costs.

Design and Build

We have recently expanded our capabilities by establishing an in-house design team, allowing our Design and Build division to flourish. This development enables us to provide a comprehensive design and build service for your next construction project. Whether using our in-house Architectural Department or partnering with external design experts, we deliver a full design and construction service across all construction sectors. Our current portfolio includes several residential projects executed using this service.


Our process begins with a deep understanding of our client’s requirements, expectations, and budget. Taking complete ownership of the project, we manage it from initial concept design to the final completion. The flexibility in a Design & Build contract empowers us to collaborate closely with our clients to create a custom-built structure that meets their specific needs. We act as a single point of contact for our clients.


We foster a thorough understanding of our clients’ requirements and needs from the outset, enabling us to assemble the most suitable team. Assuming full responsibility for the project, we guide it from initial conception to final completion. Our proactive and positive approach encourages engagement from all parties, leading to an enhanced end result for our customers.

Project Feasibility Advice

Collaborating with our clients and professional teams, we are pleased to offer an initial overview of schemes, providing input on program timelines, buildability considerations, cost estimates, and value-driven design solutions.

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